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Rejuvaskin ScarSil® Silicone Scar Gel


A soft, gentle, non-sticky silicone gel designed to soften and flatten raised scars. It also helps relieve itchiness and discomfort associated with scarring.

Silicone ScarSil Gel softens and flattens raised scars. The silicone gel dries quickly forming a clear layer of silicone over your scar. This barrier limits collagen production to help minimize and prevent problem scarring. It’s best for scars less than two years old. ScarSil is effective for surgical scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, facial scars, pediatric scars, and more.

This silicone ScarSil gel is 97% liquid silicone with additional ingredients to further improve your results and experience. Apply ScarSil 2-3 times per day and allow it to dry before using makeup or sunscreen. For best results, use in combination therapy with our Silicone Sheeting.

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A silicone scar gel designed to soften and flatten raised scarring. ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel is clear, odorless and water resistant for discreet scar management. It’s great for facial scars and pediatric scars.

BEST USED FOR: Surgical Scars, Facial Scars, Pediatric Scars, Keloids, Hypertrophic Scars, Scars Less than 2-Years-Old

ScarSil is a topical silicone scar gel that enhances your body’s natural scar healing process. Silicone is the gold standard ingredient in scar management. It helps reduce collagen production to soften and flatten problem scars, even keloids and hypertrophic scars.

ScarSil dries quickly leaving a clear layer of silicone over your scar. It has no smell and doesn’t feel oily or sticky. You will forget ScarSil is even there! It’s so clear and pure, that we’ve heard from many it actually makes a great makeup primer.

The scar gel’s unique formula is 97% silicone with additional ingredients such as Vitamin C and Squalane to improve its texture and performance. These key ingredients help relieve itchiness and discomfort associated with scarring.

ScarSil is great for facial scars. The gel is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. Also, it’s gentle formula and easy application make it great for pediatric scars.

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