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A large part of skin health is the appearance of skin. A beautiful looking skin is healthy looking skin.

Maybe you suffer from unsightly acne scars or have hypertrophic scars or keloid scars and are looking for scar treatment. Or, maybe you are simply looking to reduce the signs of skin ageing. Whichever, our skin care range is specially selected to give you products that improve the health and aesthetic qualities of your skin: Products that improve self confidence and work together to improve the appearance of scars, smooth out fine wrinkles and prevent cellulite.

At Scintera we recognise that there are many products that claim to be wrinkle treatments or scar treatments without the clinical proof to back them. Many companies make claims based on small test groups and enjoy the rush of marketing dollars until the market realises that there is little benefit behind the claims. That is why Scintera, as a medical company, is only willing to work with products or proven technology that is tested and recommended by surgeons.

Scar Heal is a line of products that was specifically designed for surgical use, and at Scintera we recognise that the kind of proven quality that Scar Heal offers is what the Australian consumer needs.

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