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Maxis Compression Stockings And Supports
Maxis Micro Compression Stockings

Elegant compressive Maxis Micro compression stockings are made of a very fine knitwork with a high content of microfibre. Maxis Micro compression stockings differ from other compressive stockings by virtue of the so-called micro-effect. This is a very special technology in which all the Lycra® fibres are woven around and therefore the skin is not exposed to direct contact with the Lycra fibre. Micro compression stockings thus lower the risk of skin irritation to a minimum.
Advantages Include:
•   Pleasant Sensation On The Skin
•   Permeability
•   Affordable Pricing
Maxis Relax Support Stockings
Maxis Relax support stockings offer your legs fashionable comfort with support compression that assists blood flow in your legs, helping to prevent problems such as swelling, leg pain and tiredness associated with long periods of sitting and standing, and during pregnancy for example. They can also help to prevent the formation of varicose veins in its initial stages.
Advantages Include:
•   Great For Travelling
•   Uses Special Cross Technique Preventing Runs
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