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Scintera Help >>  Payment Questions
What Payment Methods Do We Accept?
At Scintera, we accept all three major credit cards which include Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If you do not own a credit card and still wish to make a purchase with us, you can still do this via direct deposit or by sending us a cheque. To organize these special types of payment you will need to contact our orders department at or by calling us on +61 (02) 4367 4126. We will then instruct you on how you can go about making your purchase.
Can I Receive A Refund If I Change My Mind After Purchasing Online?
Unfortunately the only refunds we provide are for customers who receive their product in a damaged state. We simply can’t provide you with a refund just because you have changed your mind. If at any stage you are unsure about the product(s) you want to purchase please contact our orders department at From there they will provide you with any extra information you need and hopefully answer any question you may have.
How Come Your Website Does Not Detail The GST Component For Each Product?
There is a big variation of products on our website and different GST rules apply to these products. If you have any questions about GST for a product just contact our orders department at and they can take you through the GST component of any product you wish. The invoices on our website are too be used as a guide only for you current and past orders, and from a legal perspective we will ship out a hard copy purchase invoice with your product(s) purchased. This legal invoice will state any GST component that is present and we recommend that you hold on to this invoice if you require it for any tax purposes.
Is Purchasing Online At Scintera Safe?
If you have never purchased online you have nothing to fear. At Scintera it is our first priority to ensure the highest level of security during the payment process. On the payment page you will enter your credit card details and press the "Click To Purchase" button. Once you click this button your details are sent over a secure transmission line to ensure nobody is able to view your important details. At our payment page you will notice the website address starts with "http" and the extra "s" in the website address states that the payment page is a secure page.

Your credit card details are passed to a payment gateway who handle online transaction payments and this is all they do, so they do it well. As a business, Scintera does not store any credit card details in any way as we aware this is not a safe process. The payment gateway will communicate with the bank to check to see if you have the required funds for the transaction. Visit our security page for more details about our online security and payment provider.
>>  Membership Questions
What Types Of Memberships Do You Offer?
At Scintera before you can make a purchase you need to register under a certain membership. All memberships are free and there are three types of memberships too choose from:

Personal - The personal membership is for any type of individual or business across Australasia looking to make a purchase online. The personal membership is subject to the normal retail price that is shown by default on the website even if you are not logged into the website itself.

Professional Services - Are you are registered professional business with an ABN or ACN? Are you are a pharmacy for example? Well if you are looking to make multiple purchases from Scintera then become a valued customer of ours by registering under a professional service membership. Once you successfully register, it will take us up to 24 hours during a working day to confirm your account as we need to ensure the validity of your business. You will receive notification via your e-mail address stating whether your account was successfully approved or not. After your account has been approved then you can begin making purchases from the Scintera online store. If you have any queries to the status of your membership during the approval process please contact our orders department at

Government And Non-Profit - If you are a government or non-profit organisation looking to register at the Scintera website then for now please contact our customer service team at or by calling us on +61 (02) 4367 4126. We see government and non-profit organisations as a special group of customer and would like to speak to you over the phone before you proceed.
How Does The Membership And Pricing Structure Work At Scintera?
Well as mentioned we offer three different types of memberships. The price that a default user sees on the screen is the retail price and this pricing system also applies to "Personal" memberships. If you have successful registered as a "Professional Service" or "Government And Non Profit Organisation", you will receive a different price to the retail price the majority of the time. In order to view your correct pricing structure you will need to Log In first to your account before you attempt to add any products to your shopping cart. Once you have successfully logged in, every price you see is relevant to your membership.
How Can I Log In To The Customer Members Area?
If you are a registered member of the Scintera website go to the Log In page and enter your username and password that you signed up with. Once logged in you will see the customer members area panel near the top left of the screen.
>>  Product Questions
I Can’t See The Product That I Am After?
At Scintera we are always updating our product catalogue. Unfortunately we can become very busy at times and not be able to upload every single product that becomes available to us. If you can not see the product you are after on our website please contact our orders department immediately at so we can help you in the fastest way possible. Leave us the name of the product you are after, and your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Can I Purchase More Then One Product At A Time
Of course you can and that is why we designed the purchasing table for you. Depending on the product you have chosen you might notice that there are multiple sub products listed within the purchasing table of that product. You can add quantities for any of the sub products and when you click the "Add To Cart" button you will notice that all the sub products are added to the shopping cart. We have designed the purchasing table as we realise it can become time consuming to add products one at a time. Take advantage of our purchasing table today!
You Can Add Products By Their Code To The Purchasing Table?
That’s right within a product page you will notice on the right hand side under the purchasing table you can enter the code of the product you are after and the quantity you require. When you click the "Add Product" button if there is a match you will see it appear in the purchasing table.
>>  Shipping Questions
My Order Has Not Arrived, What Can I Do?
Your first step if you have not taken it already is to Log In to the members area. You will see from the left hand panel that you can select "Current Orders" and "Past Orders". Depending where you order is you will be able to locate it in either menu. From there click on the row that is associated with your order in question and you will see an invoice pop up. Near the bottom of the invoice page, under "Order Details" sectopm there may be a "Consignment Number" which you can use to track your parcel. If this number is present then visit Australia Post and enter this number into the tracking page. By doing this you may find the information you are looking for. If are not able to find any information about your parcel then send an e-mail to our shipping department at, with your "Order ID" number and any other details you would like to include. We will get back to you within 24 hours to the status of your order.
What Shipping Options Do You Have?
Well at the "View Cart" page you will be able to select what type of shipping you want for your order. There are two options that we provide at Scintera:

Standard Shipping - If time is not critical for you then the standard shipping method will be perfect. You will like receive your goods usually within a 7 day period and we use Australia Post for all our shipments.

Express Shipping - If you want to receive your parcel in a faster timeframe then go for the next step up and select Express Shipping. Usually within a 2 day period you will receive your order.

One note to make is if your order is above $300 you automatically receive free shipping and you can select Standard or Express Shipping, it’s up to you. No matter where you live there are no shipping costs at all, how great is that!
My Product Has Arrive In A Damaged Condition
If you product appears to have been damaged due to a manufacturers fault or during transit then you need to contact our orders department at with all your details. We need to correct this problem immediately, where we would like to send you out a replacement for the damaged product so you can use the product immediately.
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