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Compression Garments

At Scintera we recognise the importance of compression therapy when it comes to the treatment of vein disease, skin health and wound care. Compression therapy can assist in lymphatic drainage, healing of burns, vein support, soft tissue support post liposuction and soft tissue pressure in the prevention of cellulite.

These products use compression in applications as diverse as burn scar management, Lymphelogy and sports performance. Whatever the purpose, they work by improving blood or lymphatic flow and maximising the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between the blood and the tissues. Scintera offers the superb Maxis range of compression Armsleeves and body compression garments, post plastic surgery care and so on.

Lymphatic therapists use and prescribe the use of Arm sleeves to their patients that have had treatment effecting their lymph system. The arm sleeve class I are used to prevent lymphedema while the use of Class II can be used to assist in the treatment of early stage lymphedema.
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